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Put our expertise to work for you. At Ladybugs Event Planning, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community.
"Though I am not sure who the actual original conspirators were, everyone from my boss to my husband seemingly knew about it and were seemingly secretly involved.  I was at work and had just finished a staff meeting when the Clinic door opened and a woman walked in looking for me....just as my Boss led her to me, I saw my best friend behind her smiling.  My boss and my friend exchanged glances and laughs and informed me I was being kidnapped. After collecting my stuff from my office, and leading me to the car, they put a blindfold on me and we were enroute.  Completely confused, but doubled over with laughter with nothing more than the sound of text messages and giggles and the sound of traffic, a left here, a right there- I had no clue where we were going.  I was essentially whisked away from work early only to arrive at an unknown destination.  

About 15 minutes after the GET AWAY CAR picked me up, we had arrived to our destination and my blindfold came off.  When my eyes readjusted, I was surrounded by a group of girlfriends, a beautiful cake and a spa.  We had champagne and cake and mani/pedi's laughing away the afternoon.  Then, just when I thought the evening couldnt get any better, the ladies told me I had one more follow the rose petals to another room.  I walked in and my husband was standing there to join in on the fun and joined me for a couples massage.  

It was the perfect end to the perfect day- It was my 30th Birthday, a birthday I would never forget.  Though I dont know who actually made the call, while the ladies pointed fingers at my husband and my husband pointed fingers at the ladies, all in all it was LADYBUGS EVENT PLANNING that was responsible.  They are now part of at least one special event every year for my husband and I and each time it is even better than the last.  Thanks Ladybugs for enriching our lives and continuing to give us Magical Moments"- Anne
News and Reviews for Ladybugs Event Planning & Rental
Working with Ladybugs Event Planning was such an amazing experience! Ladybugs was an integral contributor in the planning of my daughters wedding.We contacted Ladybugs just a few months before the wedding in somewhat of a panic mode. From the first conversation my daughter and I had with Ladybugs we were able to relax and just enjoy this. It was apparent after that first meeting that we would definately be working with Ladybugs.We were struggling with a vision for the reception area, but they had so many wonderful ideas. Most importantly, Ladybugs took the time to get to know my daughter and her fiancé and help them begin to visualize some of their ideas. They included their thoughts and interests into everything. Not only did they ask questions, they actively listened to their answers and thoughts and incorporated them. They even did set up appointments with them so they could visualize how things looked so there were no surprises. One of the things we appreciated most was the regular communication with us. They were always available and accessible to us with our many questions and requests.
Something that was important to me was that everything was very transparent be it financial or otherwise.
Ladybugs created such an elegant event that truly represented the bride and groom. Ladybugs went the extra mile to add many special touches. Much of the wedding day success and ease is owed to Ladybugs Event Planning! It was comforting to know the whole reception area would be decorated beautifully, and taken down and cleared away. With so many other things happening that day, this was a huge relief.
Ladybugs Event Planning & Rental was literally everything we had hoped for and more. I will not hesitate to use her services again, and would recommend her to anybody. A very happy Mother of the Bride,
Kris Lawrence